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To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Application for Training Fund Grant

Receive this letter as a formal application for the Arizona Department of Commerce Job Training Fund Grant. As a company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality services to our customers and society through an emphasis on high-quality customer service, effective communication, and sustained collaboration amongst all stakeholders. We boast an organizational culture that places the customers at the center of our operations and effectively coordinates employees’ activities towards the organizational goal. We have consistently invested in employees’ on-job training, especially in improving soft skills and periodic refresher courses to enforce compliance. Despite our determination to create a seamlessly working employees population, shortage of funds has been our major challenge. Therefore, we request a $5,000 grant to facilitate our employees’ training on effective business communication using new technologies.

As the business world increasingly embraces technology, we would not wish to be among entities deemed obsolete for failure to integrate the new practices into their operational framework. We have made significant strides towards keeping our employees updated with the latest technologies that will likely revolutionize the business world and transactions. Last year, we utilized our limited budget to introduce our employees to WebEx, an online conferencing platform. Despite the successful rollout of the technology, there are evident lapses that can only be addressed through employee training. Some employees are yet to acclimatize and stick to the formal tone required in business communication and have consistently addressed business matters in inappropriate tones. Another section of the employees seems to confuse the official business platform with social media platforms and has consistently abused the tool to message and chat with their friends during work hours. We, therefore, need to train our employees on effective business communication to avoid misuse and abuse of technology and encourage the integration of the same to enhance our operations and increase our competitiveness.

  We, therefore, intend to run an employee training program that will specifically seek to address the already identified and probable lapses amongst the employees regarding the uptake of the new communication tool. The intended program will consist of a one-week training seminar overseen by technology experts and resource persons from a firm we have already identified. The program’s key objectives will be to train the employees on the five elements of official communication: structure (formality), clarity, consistency, medium, and relevance. The program will also be used to familiarize the employees with WebEx, guide them on navigating through the technology, and emphasize the differentiation of platform as an official business communication meant enhancing and improving business operations from social media platforms intended to enhance social networks. The general feeling of the organization’s management is that the current misuse of the technology cannot be addressed with policies and punitive regulations. There are current needs gaps that can only be addressed through effective training structured around the specific technology at the employees’ disposal and hence the intended program.

The first two days of the training will be dedicated to training on business communication. The employees will be taught the importance of formality and structure in business communication and the effects of non-adherence on the corporate business. Two outsourced corporate trainers will handle the above part. The last three days of the seminar will be spent on the practical integration of WebEx in the organization’s operations. Outsourced business trainers will similarly handle this part. Based on the design of the training program, the trainers will take the employees through the program interface, navigation, and other incorporated tools. During this time, employees will be guided to become acclimatized and develop basic proficiency in WebEx for business communication. The second part of the training will be allocated slightly more time than the first part due to the practical tasks.

The training will have equal benefits to the organization and the employees. For instance, the organization expects the training to boost employee confidence and enhance teamwork. The current struggles with WebEx and the inability of some of the employees to sustain business conversations in an official tone have significantly reduced on-job confidence. Some employees deliberately avoid certain responsibilities, especially where they know their level of conversance with technology is likely to play out against them. Equally, since most employees are not sufficiently confident with the technology, there are tendencies to work independently with minimal consultation. The organization expects that every employee will be able to confidently navigate through the online platform, initiate and sustain business conversations and come to the aid of their colleagues who might experience difficulties regarding using the online tool for business communication.

The training is intended to significantly improve operational efficiency, save time, and foster a competitive edge at the organizational level. The principal benefit of technology is to enhance efficiency through faster execution of the various operational tasks. The organization seeks to leverage the deployment of technology in business communication to increase the pace of execution of business decisions, reduce the coordination and planning duration and allocate more time o productive tasks. Similarly, the organization also expects the training program to give it a competitive edge over competitors in the industry. Cumulatively, saving time and resource expenditure alongside a confidently working employee population will culminate into increased personal output and a corresponding high organizational performance. Boosting the employees’ confidence will also reduce the turnover rates, which will see the organization spend less on recruitment and selection.

Technology remains an indispensable component of the current business world. However, technology cannot succeed where the people required to use the new business tools do not have the right skills and knowledge to operate the said technology effectively. Similarly, technology can only yield the desired results if it is maximumly exploited to expose new opportunities that would have been hidden from the organization in the absence of the new practices. In the above spirit, we request your financial support to help us realize our dream of migrating all our operations to an online platform twelve months after the employee training. We have a hardworking and enthusiastic staff that will undoubtedly reciprocate your kind gesture to help the company realize the value of this noble investment.

 Attached herein, find an enclosed budget for our employee training program. Do not hesitate to reach out to me should you require more elaborations or clarifications on the program. Looking forward to your support and partnership to help us embrace and sustain technology in business.

Yours faithfully.


ItemAllocated amountComments
Training Materials$1500Temporary license for WebEx
Training supplies$500Purchase of stationery for training
Facility Rent$6001-Week rent for conference hall
Course design and development$1000Professional design of the program
Conference equipment hire$400Hiring Public address system, projectors ad white board.
Trainer wages$1000Wages for 2 outsourced trainers

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