People Need To Eat Food That Will Make Them Happy Essay Example

Everyone is in pursuit of happiness, regardless of what would make them happy. Food is said to be one of the factors that can make a person happy. When it comes to food, there are various diets that across the globe, depending on their tradition and normal cuisine, and the type of lifestyle they want to follow. According to a study by Wahl, Villiner, Konig, et. al. (2017), health food choices are happy food choices because these do not only improve physical health but also mental health. As such, it can be considered as a long-term investment with regard to the future well-being of an individual.

Studies reveal that diets have an impact on mood. Diets that are low in carbohydrates tend to increase feelings of depression, anger, and tension while diets that are high in carbs cause an uplifting effect on mood (Dartmouth, 2011). This is where the cliché enters the picture that ‘you are what you eat’. In a report by the World Health Organization, about 18 percent in 2005 to 2015 experienced depression worldwide (Huang, Liu, Suzuki, et. al., 2019). Depression is considered as the fourth major disease across the globe. The same is true with what Firth, Ganwisch, Borsini, et. al, (2020) mention in their study that poor nutrition is a causal factor in low mood.

As mentioned, depression is one of the major diseases that is considered worldwide. If food can help in uplifting mood, then improving diet and raising the awareness of people about what good nutrition can do to their physical and mental health could be a big help. As such, health agencies can work with communities and implement program that would help thousands of individuals who are probably suffering of depression due to poor food choices. If this would be addressed, then their mental health could be saved.


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